Car Wash

3 Step Wheel Cleaner

3 Step Wheel Cleaner is an advanced 3-step process that uses a combination of high pH soap, friction, and high pressure to clean and shine your rims and wheels.

Hot Wax

Hot Wax is a Carnuba Wax completely applied to the entire vehicle. This protects and provides an unparalleled shine to your vehicle.

Rainbow Coat

Rainbow Coat is a detergent that conditions your vehicles finish and helps provide a bright, glossy finish. And it's the kids favorite!

Tire Gloss

Tire Gloss is a silicone based product that is applied to your tires after they have been cleaned to provide a clean, glossy, detailed look.


Fire is a low pH Body Soap applied at the beginning of the wash to help breakdown the dirt and provide a total body cleansing. This is the first part of the Fire and Ice application.


Ice is a rain repellent that shines, seals, and protects your vehicles finish from the elements. This is the second part of the Fire and Ice application.

UV Protectant

UV Body Protectant is also known as SlipStream. It is an Australian based product created for the harsh elements of the outback. It provides total UV paint protection while also providing a deep, long-lasting shine.

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